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Eric Fairfield
Eric Fairfield
Eric Fairfield
SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor
I've been diving since 1995 and was certified in San Carlos. I got hooked in 3 ft. of water in the pool when, after swimming and surfing and playing in the water my whole life, I found out I could breathe underwater! I started the Divemaster program shortly, then on to earning Instructor certification for SSI, PADI and NAUI.

I've had the chance to dive all over Mexico,the Bahamas, Belize, Florida, California and Australia.

What I love about teaching is the chance to bring someone in to this amazing world that so few see and give them the skills to become excellent divers and want to continue this incredible sport for the rest of their lives. I've certified 10 year olds,70 year olds and a paraplegic to dive, so there's no excuse to not try !
I can teach up to Divemaster level in SSI and PADI and deep diver, boat diver ,night & limited visibility, navigation, search & recovery, stress & rescue.

If I was anything in the ocean,it would be a turtle !

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