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Barbara Wise
SSI Dive Control Specialist
Iíve been diving as a certified diver since 2006. I am an SSI Dive Control Specialist and a PADI dive master. In addition I hold an advanced Dive Medic and am trained in Hyperbaric Chamber Operations. Been diving all over the world from Japan to Utah but my favorite is and always will be the Caribbean.
The best part of diving for me is the moment when you drop down from air to water when suddenly you are floating gravity free, just a tiny bit in the vastness of the ocean. As a dive con the best part of open water class is seeing that same amazement on the face of students.

If I were a part of the ocean I would want to be a whale. They sing, they dance, they nurture and they travel vast distances with ease.

Come diving with me -- I am always looking for new friends and dive buddies.

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