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    diveroster.com is a computer database designed to totally replace other ways of handling client, class, and trip rosters, as well as order and repair logs, for scuba diving facilities, retail stores, charter companies, clubs, or any other type of diving organization. Whether your lists are handwritten, typed, or even those that are done with spreadsheets or desktop database systems, diveroster.com is a more advanced solution.

Not only will you be able to give all of your staff, including full-timers, part-timers, off-site and contractors, access to the important information about your clients, trips, and classes, you will also have all of that information on the Internet at all times for your customers to use.

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  Why Top
    The benefits to diveroster.com come two ways: better customer relations and better staff management.

Anytime you can offer something to your customers that serves their needs with little effort on your part, you are reaping a multiplied benefit. Clients, and prospective clients, want to know when your trips and classes are, what the details about them are, and whether there is space available. They are also interested in knowing the status of their repairs and special orders. They are used to being able to find out this kind of information easily and on their schedule -- even if that is 3:30 in the morning from a hotel room in the middle of the Caribbean. You need to keep accurate track of that information in any case; why not publish it at the same time? The Internet provides the answer.

You have to manage this information and have probably fought with written and typed lists. You may have tried a variety of computer solutions, from spreadsheet files to using your Point-of-Sale software. All of those systems have been eclipsed by one that is easy-to-learn, inexpensive to operate, and has no startup costs. It is safe and secure for your data, can be accessed anywhere including multiple points within your location and from other locations, and is standardized so that your staff adheres to a common business practice. It is hassle-free. diveroster.com is available around the clock from anywhere on earth that has a web browser connected to the Internet. It is secure, offering multiple levels of access for your customers, your staff, and yourself. There is no software to purchase, install, maintain, update, or backup.

Ask yourself: how easy is it for me to see an individual customer's class, trip, repair, and order history? How easy is it for me to compare the customers that have taken one level of training versus those that have advanced? How easy is it for me to send an e-mail to everyone who is going on, or who went on, a single trip? These are some of the reasons why diveroster.com was created.

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  Who Top
    Your customers are your most important asset. If you could add value to their experience and make it easier for them to patronize you and your services, wouldn't you? diveroster.com brings detailed information about your trips and classes to anyone with an Internet connection, and it does it immediately. It allows a customer who has a repair or order pending to check the status without a phone call.

Your staff also needs to know what is going on with trips, classes, and their participants. Do you have part-time staff, contract instructors, or contract travel people? Do you work with charter companies and hotels? Are you tired of spending hours on the phones when a change is made? Are you tired of having staff not know the up-to-the-minute details about a particular trip or class? Are you happy with the system you and your staff use now to manage all of this information? Are they?

They say information is power. True, but information has to be used to make decisions in order for it to be powerful. You're the decision-maker - put information to work for you.

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  Where Top
    While the location of the program and the data is totally unimportant, the location of access is everything. Having the software be on the Internet means anyone on Earth with a web browser can access diveroster.com. You have multiple staff persons that need to use the program at your location - simple, they each need a web-enabled computer. You have multiple stores - same story, each needs web access. You have locations in other countries - no problem there, you just need web access. You want to check up on how the store is doing from home, or when on the road for business or pleasure - no problem. diveroster.com puts your information where it is useful.

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  When Top
    You can sign up right now for a 30-day free trial with FULL functions. There is no software to purchase or install, you simply need access to the Internet through a web browser. If you're reading this page, you have everything you need.

It will take you about an hour to familiarize yourself with the function of the program (use the help screen) and to set up your logo, page header, and your codes (for certification levels, class and trip status - do it at the beginning and never again). If you would be more comfortable with a "walk through" simply send us a note with a phone number and time to call, we'll take you through the process step-by-step over the phone.

At any time during that 30 days you can begin paying or set up a subscription payment that will charge your credit card monthly. From then on, as long as you are paid up, the system will work for you.

It should take no more than 30 minutes to train your staff on the use of the program - many of them much less. Your customers will be able to use it immediately as their portions are ultra-simple. If you already have a website and need to link it, the instructions are on the help page and you or your webmaster should have no trouble with it.

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  How Top
    To get the level of function that diveroster.com offers, you first need to have the program on the Internet so that customers can access it with nothing more than a web browser. A web-enabled database with a very user-friendly interface, that can be accessed by multiple users of different security levels is a tall order for a single organization. Get several hundred shops to share in the development cost and now you're talking, but you're still talking about up-front investment.

diveroster.com is the short cut. No investment, just a low monthly fee for as long as it is a benefit to you. No hardware costs, no software installation headaches, no upgrades or updates, no server crashes, no virus worries. It's just there, working for you, all day, every day.

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  How Much Top
    What is the value of one more customer that, purely because of the professional and convenient way you schedule and promote your trips and classes, decides to buy all of their family's gear from you? What is the value of 3 to 5 extra staff hours freed up every week by using a more efficient tool? What is the value of having your web page be up-to-the-minute fresh with information at no extra cost versus paying your webmaster every week (or month) to keep it "fresh"?

diveroster.com is available right now for a 30-day free trial. After that, a subscription to the service is just US $59.95 per month. You can pay online or mail checks. You can set it up so that your credit card is charged every month. You can cancel at anytime, though we don't intend to give you any reason to be anything other than completely happy with the service.

Think about what you pay for a mailing. Think about what it costs for another phone line. Think about what it costs to add even a part-time staff person. Think about what you're buying. If you still don't see the benefit that diveroster.com brings, and still don't feel that it is a bargain, then we understand, but think about how little it will cost to try it out and then ask your customers what they think.

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